Puna: Basic Attacks

Drawing inspiration from fighting games, Succubus Sisters has three basic attack types: light, medium, and heavy attacks. Have some gifs!


For light attacks, Puna uses her tail to deliver fast, multi-hit attacks that fill the combo gauge quickly! However, these attacks have low reach and damage. The aerial attack reaches all around Puna, making it very useful while passing through enemies!


With medium attacks, Puna dishes out hellfire kicks that deal decend damage, and increase the combo gauge. The aerial attack is excellent way to continue your ground combos after jumping, as it is quick and hits below Puna! To spice things up, I’m considering adding a chance to ignite your enemies with medium attacks, similiar to her fireball special! This most likely go to her second (or possible third) ground kick.


Puna’s heavy attacks deal the most damage and have the greatest reach, but they are really slow, cost energy, and do NOT increase your combo gauge. The ground heavy deals more damage than the aerial version, but the aerial attack allows more mobility! Remember to not spam heavies, or you will quickly run out of energy and can’t warp out of trouble!

Thank you for reading, here’s some extra gifs! These attacks have changed a lot in the past, and will most likely change in the future.