Gnoll Punks: New enemies from concept to creation!

A big pool of enemy creatures is the main feature of my game: more enemies gives opportunity to create even more new & challenging encounters and enemy combinations. This time we’ll be looking at how enemies are made, from a concept sketch to a complete new enemy!

1. Enemy concept

Meet the Gnoll Thuggo Dogs & Clubber Pups. The initial idea for this duo was born from a simple realization: despite making a beat’em up game, I don’t have any enemy punks to beat up yet! They ended up Gnolls mainly because of the perfect name ideas, but also for creating an interesting counterpoint to the catman wizards. Initial sketch already shows how they’re going to fight, which is important when deciding which body parts are needed for the enemy.

2. Digital Drawing

once the ideas are fleshed out, I start working on the digital drawings to create all the required body parts. The initial sketch is important, because it’s the skeleton for the whole enemy, defines the silhouette and gives limits on how the enemy can be animated later down the line. Clubber Pup got a small patch of hair, to make him more punky and make a bigger connection to the big ol’ thuggo.

Cleanup & base colour. Yup.

And done! Recolouring the shirt and hair gives the possibility to easily make new enemy variations when needed. This shows only a glimpse of the painting progress, if you want to watch me draw the Clubber Pup from start to finish (and finish up Thuggo Dog), click here for a full twitch stream of painting!

Part 3: Animation & Gameplay

Once all parts are painted & made into a sheet, I start working in Unity to create all the needed animations: idle, walk/jump, attack(s), damaged and death. The small pups are absolutely relentless (and terrifying) with their jumping charges, while the big dogs can take a beating and have a huge reach with their chains.

Here you can see how the pups were before adding jumping attacks & knockback. Horrifying.

Creating something from a small sketch to a complete, moving & fighting enemy feels amazing. Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked this!