Gnoll Punks: New enemies from concept to creation!

A big pool of enemy creatures is the main feature of my game: more enemies gives opportunity to create even more new & challenging encounters and enemy combinations. This time we’ll be looking at how enemies are made, from a concept sketch to a complete new enemy!

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Official Announcement: and Succubus Sisters!

After months of development, I’m finally happy to officially announce Succubus Sisters, 2D action beat’em up/Metroidvania hybrid game, and, a webpage where you can follow the journey of game development!

This is a big step forward for me, for now I can finally be more open about the development of this project, easily share it and get more valuable feedback. I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten since the first sketches of this project, but there’s still plenty of work ahead!

This first announcement is targeted towards game developers, artists, and people interested in game development. I’m planning to have a “second reveal” aimed towards gamers later down the line, once the game is near finished, better marketing material is ready & available, and I have better answers to all the important questions.

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